Wednesday, 7 December 2016

What's your favourite sport?

Keeping fit

Do you do any exercise ?
Listen to a BBC programme in which someone uncovers what BBC Learning English staff do to keep fit and talks to a man who goes to the gym every day, gym manager Rodney Mitchell.

Money and Charity

Monday, 7 November 2016

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Food expert talking about which is the healthiest and unhealthiest fast food

Listen to a food expert talking about 3 different types of fast food and the ingredients. Which is the healthiest and the least healthy food ?

Burguer                         how many calories   how much fat            expert's advice
baked potato

Activity from framework level 2 ed.Richmond

Monday, 17 October 2016

Do you live to eat or eat to live? Do you have a complicated relationship with food? Read and listen to this article to find out more about food.


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Ways of cooking

to peel
(a vegetable) to remove the skin from vegetables, such as potatoes
to chop (an onion)to use a knife to cut some food into small pieces
to slice (a cucumber) to cut food in a careful way so that you make thin pieces
to dice (a carrot) to cut food into small cube-shaped pieces
to boil (an egg) to cook food in very hot water; the water is bubbling strongly
to simmer to cook food in hot water, but below boiling temperature (100 degrees C)
to bake (a cake)to cook food in an oven
to fry (a sausage) to cook food in hot oil, usually in a frying pan or wok
to roast (some beef)to cook meat, with a little oil, at a high temperature in an oven

spuds potatoes (slang/colloquial)


New English File Pre-intermediate

Practical English
Text Builder
New Headway Pre-intermediate

Getting to know you

You are going to hear a conversation that took place during the coffee break in a language class. The conversation is between two English people, Jack and Lisa, studying Italian in England.

Listen and answer the following questions.

1. Did Liza study there last term? What about Jack?

2. Do Liza and Jack live near the school? Where do they live exactly?

3. Where is Liza from? How long has she lived here?

4. What does Liza do?

5. When did Jack leave St Philip’s school?

6. What does Jack do? Does he like his job?

7. Why does Liza want to learn Italian?

Try to remember as much as you can about Jack and Lisa.
In pairs ask each other the following questions.

1. Were you here last year?

2. What about you?

3. Do you live near here?

4. Whereabouts exactly?

5. Where are you from?

6. So what do you do?

7. Why do you want to learn English?