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7 Most Dangerous Things To Do In Your Car

As you might already know, cars aren't exactly the safest way to get around.

Based on miles traveled, taking the car is many times more dangerous than taking a train and several times more dangerous than an airplane or bus. Yet we still take the car, right? For convenience—and driving enjoyment, in some cases—it's unbeatable.
And considering safety, there's a lot you can do to help minimize your chances of being in an accident. It's estimated, from federal data, that about 20 percent of all crashes are directly caused by some sort of distraction; that distraction can take a wide range of forms—mostly from things we're not supposed to be doing behind the wheel like eating, texting, or even putting on makeup.
And if you have several somewhat distracted drivers together? That's a recipe for disaster.
Keep your eyes on the road, both hands on the wheel. Here are seven things that you could do to make your time in the car even more dangerous:
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Speed cameras

A year ago Swindon became the first council in the UK to scrap its fixed speed cameras - claiming they do not lower the number of accidents on the roads.

Since then central funding has been slashed and several other councils are looking to follow its lead. So are fixed speed cameras about to be consigned to history?
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The London Tube

Yvonne and Alice discuss the experiences different people have when using The Tube, the London Underground train system, and hear about what some people thought after using it for the first time.
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Cars and traffic

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Public Transport
Listen to six people talk about if they use public transportation and why or why not.

On yer bike! Cycling in Cambridgeshire

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