Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Noun suffixes

Noun suffixes
Click here to learn some suffixes to make nouns
-ness (nouns from adjectives)
 -ity (nouns from adjectives)

-tion / -sion (nouns from verbs)
-ment (nouns from verbs and adjectives)
-ment is another suffix that is used to make nouns from verbs and occasionally from adjectives
-ance / -ence (nouns from adjectives and verbs)
-ship (abstract nouns denoting different kinds of relationships)
- hood (abstract nouns denoting different kinds of 'families')

Suffixes 2

-er, -or, -ian, -ent, -ant: a person who does something

-ist: a person who specialises in an activity or area of study, or who is a member of a group with particular beliefs

-ee: a person who has something done to him or her

-hood: a state that is closely associated with a period of time

-ology: a subject (often academic) of study

-ion: a state or activity

-age: a state or process

-ce   important - importance,   patient - patience ,violent - violence
-y difficult - difficulty ,modest - modesty ,honest - honesty

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